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Zeiss 4 Mirror Gonio Lens

Bez względu na to, czego szukasz, zacznij od prostego wyszukiwania, takiego jak Zeiss 4 Mirror Gonio Lens? Tutaj, w Margaret Wiegel, zobaczysz sekcję przypisów do odniesień i dalszej lektury. W tym artykule omówimy przewodnik Zeiss 4 Mirror Gonio Lens krok po kroku, który możesz wykonać, aby wskazać konkretne informacje.

Gonioscopy is a diagnostic procedure performed to evaluate the health of the anterior chamber angle. The anterior chamber angle of the eye is where the cornea meets the iris and it is at this junction where the intraocular fluid is exchanged between the anterior and posterior chamber. The angle structures (angle structures= 1. Four 64° mirrors for complete anterior chamber angle viewing with minimal lens rotation.

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Gonioscopy describes the use of a goniolens (gonioscope) in conjunction with a slit lamp or operating microscope to gain a view of the iridocorneal angle, or the anatomical angle formed between the eye's cornea and iris. The importance of this process is in diagnosing and monitoring various eye conditions associated with glaucoma.

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