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Does practice make perfect? Probably not.

Today’s Wonderful Find; or, Malcolm Gladwell, suck it:

[A] new study in Psychological Science further complicates things. Practice, according to its findings, doesn’t do a great job explaining why some people are better than others at a given skill.

The researchers studied different domains with respect to the impact of practice, and found that while practice accounted for 25% of the differences between athletes, it accounted for a mere 4% in educational performance and bottomed out at 1% in professional success.  Which makes me wonder if the benefit of practice is largely about muscle memory vs. any kind of meaningful cognitive gains.

So in other news…

I’ve been really busy!  I bet you’ve been busy, too!  I promise to blog more here, and make this space more reflective of the work I’ve been doing and what is new in the world of educational technologies.

While I spin some wonderful content, I invite you to check out a new post I wrote for LinkedIn called “Facebook’s no-good, very bad week.”  Please leave a comment — I promise to respond.

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