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Below are recent general-interest work All files are in .PDF format unless otherwise indicated. For scholarly publications, please check out my experience page. 

IsraelMW2 “Fuse Arts Review — OccupyING the Present Brings Boston Harbor to Life,” The Arts Fuse, 8.13 (link).
130507 “The state of Internet privacy in 2013: Research roundup,” Journalist’s Resource, Harvard Kennedy School, 5.7.13 (link).
“Violent Video Games Need Oversight, But Good Luck Implementing Any Controls,” Boston.com’s The Hive, 4.10.13 (link).
“Fuse Arts Review —Boston Cyberarts’ “The Game’s Afoot” — Something Clever,” The Arts Fuse, 3.13 (link).
“Fuse Arts Review — City Of Work: A Satirically Dystopic Vision of The Daily Grind, 1.13 (link).
“Fuse Arts Review —The Sound of ‘Unreal Memories'”, ArtsFuse, 12.12.
“Fuse Arts Review —COLLISION18:present — The Expanding Range of Cyberarts”, ArtsFuse, 11.12.
“Fuse Review — ROUND: Cambridge Sounds the Depths of the City’s Public Art,” ArtsFuse, 10.12.
“Artisan’s Asylum — A Unique Organizational Mashup,” ArtsFuse, 11.11.
“Karen Aqua 1954-2011—A Fitting Life, and Memorial, ArtsFuse, 5.11.
“Pythagoras Returns —Sound Sculpture at Kendall T Stop Chimes Again, ArtsFuse, 5.11.
“The Brave New World of Videogame Art,” ArtsFuse, 4.11.
“Art and War” WBUR Arts Online, 3.16.05.
A Better Halloween, “WBUR Arts Online, 10.25.04.
“Creative Dissent,” WBUR Arts Online, 7.29.04.
“Volunteer Culture,” WBUR Arts Online, 7.15.04.
“Bear Necessity,” WBUR Arts Online, 2.24.04.
“Light Up the Skies,” WBUR Arts Online, 12.16.03.
Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Loathing in Sunnydale, Women’s Review of Books, 9.03.
“Illegal Art,” WBUR Arts Online, 8.15.03.
“Boston Cyberarts 2003,” WBUR Arts Online 4.22.03.
“From Idolatry to Advertising,” nonfiction book review, Publishers Weekly, 9.04.95.
“The Adman in the Parlor,” nonfiction book reviewPublishers Weekly, 6.06.96.
“Keeping Women and Children Last: America’s War on the Poor,” nonfiction book reviewPublishers Weekly, 4.29.96.
“If You’ve Seen One, You’ve Seen the Mall: Europeans and American Mass Culture,” nonfiction book reviewPublishers Weekly, 6.3.96.
“New Old Fashioned Ways: Holidays Popular Culture,” nonfiction book reviewPublishers Weekly, 12.9.96.
“Beyond the Whiteness of White,” nonfiction book review, Publishers Weekly, 7.1.96.
“The Art of Democracy: A Concise History of Popular Culture in the United States,” nonfiction book reviewPublishers Weekly, 1.1.96.
“Blue Collar Women,” nonfiction book reviewPublishers Weekly, 8.1.94.
“From Jazz to Swing: African-American Jazz Musicians and Their Music, 1890-1935,” nonfiction book reviewPublishers Weekly, 5.30.94.

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